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Much Needed Donations Repel The Danger Of Saint Joseph Hospice’s Closure



RAWALPINDI: Preferred donation options now made possible for all those who wish to donate to the fund deficient Saint Joseph’s hospice.

RAWALPINDI- Donations welcomed for the Saint Joseph's Hospice
RAWALPINDI- Donations welcomed for the Saint Joseph’s Hospice

The Saint Joseph’s Hospice, Rawalpindi had been running low of funds to the verge of closure. The expenses of running this charitable institution working exceeded far beyond funds available past few months so much so that the administration had announced possible closure of the Hospice. In this regard, Sister Walsh was determined to keep the hospice running said: I will fight to keep the hospice open, as closing seems too painful an option. I love the hospice, and I just can’t bear the thought of it closing. For what? Why are we closing? Insufficient funds? People don’t care anymore? I care, that’s it. However, in recent times people have risen to the occasion donating generously to the hospice in order to avoid the possible closure of it.

As the history records, the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) directed this miniature, devoted and caring community. In 1962, Fr. O’Leary became conscious of the need for a hospice as he attended a dying woman near the railway track in the West ridge area of the city. By 1964 he and FMM Sister Dolores, from Spain, were successful in establishing Rawalpindi hospice while managed to get it registered as a non-profit organization under the Pakistan Donor Welfare Agencies Ordinance.
Seeing the rising urgency among the donors of the hospice and their demands for more donating options, Lucy O’Donoghue-Friends of the Hospice Coordinator announced that a paypal account has been set up facilitating the donors. She writes:


Dear Friends of the Hospice,


Many of you have been asking for a while when/whether St. Joseph’s Hospice in Rawalpindi could set up a PayPal account. The day has come! In partnership with the home of all the St. Joseph’s Hospices worldwide, hospice International in the UK, we have now set up a PayPal account.


For all the details, and the details of our UK-based bank account for those who still prefer a wire transfer, visit the Hospice website.


To receive a receipt and acknowledgement, please email us at: [email protected] with the confirmation number of the donation and your contact details. Donations within the UK are eligible for ‘gift aid’.


You can also check out our brand new Residents’ Sponsorship page, encouraging supporters to sponsor a resident on a monthly basis.


We will be putting these up on our website and Facebook in the coming days. Please pass the word on to all the other friends of the Hospice that you may know.


Thank you again for your generosity and support to the Hospice. It makes all the difference.


Warm regards,
Lucy O’Donoghue
Friends of the Hospice Coordinator
St. Joseph’s Hospice and Outpatient Clinic
Westridge, Rawalpindi, Pakistan