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Mujhse Khata – Jennifer Yousif & Asher Dewan


Jennifer Yousif & Asher Dewan
Asher Dewan
God has chosen Asher to glorify HIs mighty name through worship and music. Asher worships with vocals, guitar, bass guitar and tenors. He previously played a vital role with famous Pakistani bands. The Lord directed him and he is now serving the Lord through his exceptional musical gifts. Asher has played with many underground and main stream bands/ singers including various channels like MTV, PTV, Samma TV ,Indus music etc. But God has led this talented young man to use His gifts for the praise and glory of God.

Jennifer Yousif

Is a canadian based young pakistani girl who is studying music and theology. Her passion is to use her musical talents for the worship of God. She wants to use her talents in Pakistan to uplift the christian youth and to lead them into worship. Her dream in her words is ” I want to be able to see our Pakistani Christian musicians worshiping God and through it being consumed fully by His mission”
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Asher and Jennifer are close friends sharing the same passion and vision for the ministry of Christ.This song came about when they both individually were going through a rough period in their lives. The situation led Jennifer to write a song and she penned down the words ” Mujhse Khata jo hui tu muaf ker Khuda and completed the stanza. She began to strum it on her guitar and created the melody. She shared the recording with Asher who loved and made it his mission to complete the song and give it the finishing touches. The efforts of both these young people resulted in this beautiful song that we all can relate too and find it give the message of hope when we have lost our path.