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Multan: A Christian girl burnt for rejecting a marriage proposal passes away


Sonia Bibi

A 20-year-old, Christian girl passes away after she was set on fire by a 24-year-old boy whose marriage proposal she had declined.

According to details, the perpetrator of this vile act, Ahmed Latif had proposed this Christian girl namely Sonia Bibi. She refused to marry him, after which he became infuriated and spilled gasoline oil on her and set her on fire.

However, the poor Christian girl passed away yesterday, November 2, Tuesday in Multan’s Nishtar Hospital. She was under treatment in Nishtar Hospital but however, succumbed to severe burns. It has been reported that she was 50% burnt. Doctors explained that her burns contracted severe infection which caused her to breathe her last on Tuesday morning.

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Previously, there were hopes that she would survive. Doctor Naheed Chaudhary, head of Burns Department of Nishtar Hospital stated that about 45-50% of her body was burnt. Soon after the incident, Sonia was rushed to Nishtar Hospital in the city, where she was under treatment.

As narrated by Sonia Bibi herself, that the culprit Latif Ahmed was her ex-boyfriend, who had set her ablaze as a consequence of her rejection of his marriage proposal. Moreover, Jamshaid Hayat- a local police official told the media that Latif Ahmed has been hooked by police while a first round of investigation has been conducted.

“Police arrested the man after recording the statement of Sonia Bibi in the presence of her parents. The girl told us that she was in love with Latif, whom she accused of dousing her in gasoline and setting her alight,” he said.