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Multan: A Christian woman burnt over refusal of marriage proposal



A Pakistani Christian woman burnt barely escaping death, after she turned down a marriage proposal.

According to details, a Pakistani Christian woman identified as Sonia Bibi was purportedly burnt by Latif Ahmed in Multan. 20-year-old victim, Sonia was set on fire when Latif Ahmed purposed her. Sonia refused his proposal and as a consequence, Latif Ahmed burnt her.

Sonia was burnt 80% and is believed to barely escape death. It has been learnt that Latif threw gasoline at Sonia set her ablaze. After the incident, Sonia was rushed to Nishtar Hospital in the city, while a doctor treating her told media that despite the fact that she is severely burnt, she is expected to survive.

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As narrated by Sonia Bibi herself, that the culprit Latif Ahmed was her ex-boyfriend, who had set her ablaze as a consequence of her rejection of his marriage proposal. Moreover, Jamshaid Hayat- a local police official told the media that Latif Ahmed has been hooked by police while a first round of investigation has been conducted.

“Police arrested the man after recording the statement of Sonia Bibi in the presence of her parents. The girl told us that she was in love with Latif, whom she accused of dousing her in gasoline and setting her alight,” he said.
In addition to this, another police official Mukhtar Cheema stated that Sonia Bibi had earlier told him that se had rejected Latif Ahmed’s proposal.