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Multan: Christian man considers suicide after mental torture from co-workers



A Pakistani Christian, construction site worker psychologically tortured and forced to convert to Islam or else suffer the consequences.

According to details, Patras Hanif, father of five, was threatened by his co-workers. Hanif came to the point of considering suicide as his last option but refused to convert.

“They often called me Kafir,” said Hanif “and threatened to frame me in false case of blasphemy if I did not convert.”

Hanif then contacted Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a Christian lawyer who has taken a number of persecution cases in Pakistan.

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“Extremism, hatred, motivated only by a different faith, preconceived hostility: this is the suffering Christians in Pakistan go through. Islamic extremist groups would like to eliminate Christianity and other religions,” Gill said.

“This extremism is the cause of the exodus of religious minorities in Pakistan. Political leaders and Muslim religious leaders should publicly discourage these attitudes and start a more ambitious program of religious harmony, recalling that all citizens have equal rights and dignity,” the lawyer added.

There have been repeated cases of Christian persecution in the past and the most serious of them included a charge of blasphemy. Over the years, many Christians have been accused of blasphemy against the Muslims’ prophet Muhammad and either remain in jails without a proper trial or are lynched by the public.

Even without the accusation of blasphemy, being a Christian in Pakistan can be difficult at times and all Christians live in the fear of the grave accusation.

‘Dawah’ is the act of inviting Muslims and non-Muslims alike to understand the worship of Allah. Though the act in itself is harmless, due to weak law and order situation, Muslims in some parts of Pakistan take it to another level and force non-Muslims to accept Islam.