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Murderer of Christian Boy Released from Police Custody



A Muslim man has reportedly shot dead the 17-year-old son of a Christian family in Pakistan after the boy’s mother rejected his advances.

The British Pakistani Christian Association, which reports on crimes and legal cases concerning Christians in Pakistan, said the crime occurred on Feb. 27 in the town of Qayum in Faisalabad City.

The Muslim suspect, 57-year-old Tahir Jutt, who had a “known long-term infatuation” with 42-year-old Shazia Tahir, apparently got involved in a family argument she was having with her husband, Tahir Qadeer, and persisted trying to intervene even when Shazia turned down his help.

Jutt was allegedly left angry by the rejection, and later that day came back to the family home with a gun where he started shooting at the family members, killing 17-year-old Noel Tahir, and wounding several other family members, including the Christian husband and wife.

While Jutt was initially detained by police, he was set free last week and since then has reportedly been terrorizing the Christian family and threatened violence and rape against the girls in the family.

“This family are in desperate need for help, the perpetrator of violence has shown no remorse for the violence he meted out on this poor family and has increased their tension by stating he will repeat the violence if they dare to challenge him through the courts,” said Naveed Aziz, the Lahore based officer of the BPCA.

“Local police are being extremely slow and sluggish with this case, allowing Mr Jutt to exhort great pressure on the family who have already had to suffer the surprising ignominy of the murderer of their son being set free on bail,” he added.

BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry added that “there is little hope” that the family will see justice for their murdered son, but vowed that his organization will help them by moving them to a safe location.