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Murderer or Suicide? Pakistani Christian man Died in Police Custody


Islamabad: Kohsar Police arrested a Christian man accused of theft, now who has allegedly committed suicide within the police station premises by hanging himself with his waistband in the washroom on Tuesday.


Christian man died in police custody
Christian man died in police custody

The deceased man was a member of staff in the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and he was on a three-day physical remand with police when he deceased.
Taking notice of the incident, interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has ordered a judicial investigation to make sure justice is prevailed.
When contacted, Inspector General of Police (Islamabad) Sikandar Hayat, said: “A criminal case will be registered against the responsible officials if the post-mortem report confirmed torture.” He also said that close circuit cameras would be installed in lockups and washrooms of all police stations to avoid such incidents in future.
The furious members of the Christian society came together outside the Kohsar Police Station to execute protest against police.
Julius Salik, former federal minister reached the sight and controlled the circumstances. Later on, police high position official arrived at the sight and guaranteed the protesters that if the police employees are responsible for the death of the convict, will be scold.

Police confers that an FIR was rolled in the Kohsar Police Station against resident of a slum in Sector F-6/2, Sabir Masih, aged 24, son of Gulzar Masih, on February 5 in a theft case. The police spokesperson aforesaid, police got a three-day physical remand for extensive inquiry and kept him in the lock-up. Police maintained the statement that the convict was not agonize by police during the track of investigation, while the family members of the convict, says that the deceased, insisted that he was tormented by the investigators.


The suspect went to the washroom of the police station on Tuesday morning, but didn’t come back despite passageway of nearly two hours. Afterward, police found him hung with his waistband in the washroom. His corpse was shifted to the Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic) for the procedure of post-mortem.