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Murderers of Christian minor will be brought to justice: Christian leader asserts


Parliamentary Secretary Tariq Maish Gill has reiterated a firm resolution to bring the perpetrators of murder of a 12-year-old Christian girl Tania Marriam. “We will not rest until we bring the murderers of Tania Marriam to justice,” he asserted.

Pakistani Christian girls murdered

Member of Punjab Assembly Tariq Masih Gill, who himself hails from the Christian community has expressed deep sorrow and grief over heinous murder of Tania after allegedly being sexually assaulted. While further remarking about his course of action, he said that a special committee is being formed in order to probe the incident.

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He explained that the committee has been assigned with the task of assisting in the investigations. He called upon the family of Tania in order to offer condolences. After meeting with the family, he talked to media and stated that he will meet with the concerned police officials and himself look into the investigative progress. He said that he is hopeful that the perpetrators would soon be brought to justice.

In keeping with a report by British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) victim Tania was dropped to her school Convent of Jesus and Mary, by her elder brother Johnson on January 23. Around 11:30 am, Johnson received a phone call from Police Station informing him about the murder of his sister Tania. Police had asked him to come to the scene and identify his sister’s dead body.

Tania died apparently by drowning in the canal. Police claim they found Johnson’s phone number on a register found with the girl. Johnson along with sister Sania rushed to the scene only to discover their expired sister. Tania’s family have expressed serious concerns about the investigations being carried out by the police. Police claims that Tania was apparently depressed; while her class fellows disaffirm the statement.

First Information Report of the murder was registered after much outcry from social media activists. Initially the police claimed the girl had committed suicide, and was not willing to accept the fact that the girl was sexually assaulted and murdered. Sambrial Police initially maintained the girl had committed suicide overlooking the evidences pointing towards poisoning and rape and exhibited customary reluctance in registering the FIR of the incident.