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Musical genius: Illustrious feat by Sheroon Emmanuel wins him striking recognition


Sheroon Emmanuel

Lahore based Christian musician, Sheroon Emmanuel, has earned himself great praise as his book titled ” Basic Christian Musical Scales & Chord System” gets widely acknowledged.

Sheroon was born in July 1980, to a Lahore based Christian couple Mr and Mrs. Emmanuel. His father, Mr. Emmanuel retired as assistant research officer from WAPDA while his mother Mrs. Martha Emmanuel who retired as a school teacher has passed away.

While talking about his inspiration towards music, he said Church music and Christmas carols drew him into music. “I am working in the both sectors- Print Media as well as Electronic Media.” He continued telling, “In the Print Media’s realm, we are publishing books related to music. While, in the Electronic Media’s realm, I have an audio recording studio where I work as a video editor.”

“I have a Christian gospel band known as the “Zionist Band,” he said. Sheroon is also the author of two books, both of hem have been written on music.

Sheroon is also a member of Formanites Alumni Association and Lahore Music Teacher Association. Formerly, he has been a member of Music Society at NCBA& E, Lahore.

Sheroon’s book “Basic Christian Musical Scales & Chord System” was completed in two years. In his 290-page book, Sheroon has penned down “definitions of music, musical note, scale, mode, chord and Biblical history of music. He also penned down content related to Christian music scales from Israel and other regions. “I prepared their modes and their related chords and a Chord Dictionary is available at the back of the book.”

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He says, “Sir Griffin James and Sister Tomoe Ota ( Japan ) commented on the book; their comments have been added as preface.”

While talking about his other book, titled “International New Extended Musical Chord Dictionary,” he says, “I removed the weakness in the International Chord Dictionary by giving new researches, I added 612 chords to the international Chord Dictionary and extended the International chord dictionary.” This book consists of 88 pages, he told.

He further revealed that his book received acknowledgement from Suzanne Ryan- Editor in Chief, Humanities and Executive Editor of Music Books-Oxford University Press, USA. She commented on his book which proves the book has been accepted by the international fraternity, he said.

Sheroon told that after this illustrious feat, one of the leading Pakistani news channels Samaa TV also aired his short interview on December 2, 2015- during Samaa TV’s news headlines. My books have also found place in the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam library, Ewing memorial library and the F.C College library, he says.

Sheroon Emmanuel

Sheroon Emmanuel