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Musim man who died protecting Christians, acknowledged as a hero

Salah Farah
Salah Farah in hospital

Salah Farah, Kenyan teacher who died earlier this week after being shot by Al Shabaab Jihadist group who were trying to kill Christians in a bus travelling from Nairobi to Mandera is being acknowledged as a hero. Kenyans who are already fighting with religious extremism, see Farah’s sacrifice as a wave of new hope for Kenyan people. #Salah has become all the rage on Twitter and funds are being collected by Christians and Muslims alike for Salah’s family.

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Salah Farah a school teacher in Milindi was travelling on a bus from Nairobi to Mandera. The bus was attacked by Al Shabaab militants who asked the Muslim passengers to separate themselves from the Christians so they could kill them. Muslim passengers refused to do so and Farah said, “Either kill us all or leave here” to which the militants panicked and left but not before they had injured a few passengers including Salah. Salah succumbed to his injuries and died earlier this week. His family includes his widow and four children.

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Christians in Pakistan also pay tribute to this brave man who sacrificed his life for humanity’s sake.