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Muslim Girl Get Married To a Christian Boy Willingly, Extremists Arrive To ruin The Christian Communities


Christians and Hindu girls are seized, vigorously converted to Islam and married to dominant Muslims, but police do not file any case against Muslims. But if a Muslim girl get married to a Christian boy willingly, extremists arrive to deface the Christian communities.

descrimnation in humanity
christian men can’t marry muslim women

On February 11, a Christian man, Asim Saleem 22, a rickshaw driver by profession went to meet his Muslim girlfriend, Sunair 20. He wanted to marry her but his parents kept asking him and advised that he should stay away from her because of religious differences among them. The couple chooses to take the courageous step of inter-faith marriage, a risky desire in Pakistan, and got married in the local court at the same day. Asim didn’t inform his parents while getting married.

The couple ran away together to stay away from their families. That same day, religious leaders got information of the marriage by Sunair’s family and went to the Christian neighborhood where Asim’s father Saleem lived and claimed the Muslim girl. Saleem and other neighbors were unaware of the incident and appealed for some time to inspect, but they were unable to find both of them during the specified time period. Muslims under the leadership of Qari Sohail came backed and threaten the residents that if they will not turn out the couple; Muslim pack would come again and sat their houses in fire.

A few scared Christians gathered guts to report the police on this critical situation and rest fled to escape to the nearby place to save their life and their loved ones. Police get prepared to restrain any brutality. 14 February, after Friday prayer, a big group moved to the Christian commune aimed to wreck Nazarat Colony. Though local police enclosed around the Christian houses of Nazarat Colony. Christian inhabitants of the said colony were already fled the homes for safety as soon as a safety measure against more attempts.

A weird turn of events occurs when the police filed a case against Asim Saleem, for abduction and enforced matrimony. A further accusation has been made against him for burglary of Rs. 54000/- and gold of 5 grams. Though, these allegations are apparently false. The police also arrested two Christian men, Bashir Masih, Shaukat Masih and Saleem Masih, who are the cousins and the father of the accused. They were purportedly tortured and forced to make a declaration of guilt admitting they were involved in abduction the Muslim girl. Father of the accused died of a heart attack in the custody. The investigation officer – IO, Mohd Shabbir stated that the police kept these two for their safety and well being. He advised that all action taken was for the safety of Christian community. Later they were released, with sore bodied.