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Muslim Judge insults Christian lawyer and his clients on their faith in Court


A Guardian Judge of Lahore Court No.1 Mr. Dildar Shah has offends the religious feeling of a Christian legal lawyer and his Christian customers due to their Biblical names and offended them by saying over and over a slanderous word ‘Esaii’ like a deprecatory word ‘Chura’.

Dildar Shah

A Christian lawyer Kashif Alexander Rajpoot showed up with her clients Rebecca Samuel, Aslam Samuel, Natasha Samuel, Zubi, Sania and Daniel Samuel in the court of Guardian Judge for taking progression endorsement and when their Christians names were called, the judge began to reprimand them by saying unsatisfactory expression of ‘Asai’ in the open court and condemned Christians all in all.

The lawyer made realized the Judge that he was offending him and her clients because of their Christians faith, yet the judge did not apologize rather rehashed the disparaging words with the legal counselor as well.

The Judge has offended the judge and her clients because of their Christians faith. This conduct and mentality of the judge is censured and he should be rebuffed for the wrong he has submitted according to law.

Christians in Pakistan are being dealt with as peasants and a hatred literature is being instructed in educational institutions against Christians and different religions. An informed class of Muslims additionally regard them as a lower status subjects because of their confidence and they are the primary people in charge of spreading contempt against Christians in Pakistan.