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Muslim man dies a month after he was shot trying to protect Christians



Kenya: According to the latest developments, a Muslim man named Salah Farah was injured during Al-Shabaab Jihadist group’s attack at a bus in December 2015. Farah succumbed to injuries and died earlier this week.

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Earlier in December 2015, a bus travelling from Nairobo to Mandera carrying Muslim and Christian passengers was attacked by Al-Shabaab militants. The militants asked Muslims to separate themselves from Christian so that they could kill the Christians. The Muslims passengers refused this offer and bravely called for the militants to kill all of them or leave. To this the gunmen panicked but did not leave before injuring a few men, one of whom was Salah Farah. He died Monday after being airlifted to a Nairobi hospital to treat gunshot wounds to his arm and hip.

Government of Kenya and local Christians have paid tribute to Farah saying he had served as a beacon of unity between the local Christians and Muslims.

Rev. Wellington Mutiso, a leader in the Baptist Convention of Kenya, said Farah “laid his life as a ransom for the Christians who would have been killed.” He further went on to say, “”This is a good gesture (for which) Christians will forever be grateful”

Farah was a believer of Christian Muslim unity and had a clear vision of good and bad. While in the hospital, he told journalists, “”I do not know what got into me, but I knew these were bad people and had to be stopped.”