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Muslim migrants throw 12 Christians in the sea during an attempt to reach Italy via sea route


Refugee crisis

Muslim refugees throw their fellow Christian refugees in sea as they sailed across from Libya to Italy.

In keeping with details, 12 Christians were thrown overboard by their fellow Muslim refugees as they were sailing from Libya to Italy. These were migrants who were trying to get to Italy in a boat via sea route. The Italian police have confirmed that all 12 of the Christians thrown overboard had drowned and could not survive.

The Italian Police had verified that those thrown overboard were all Christian migrants from Nigeria and Ghana. However, the Italian authorities had hooked 15 Muslim migrants in this regard, on suspicion of being involved in murdering their 12 fellow Christian migrants.

Reports have that; it was a group of about 105 migrants who had set on sail in a rubber boat from Libya on Tuesday, November 17, last week. The boat set on sail to cross the Mediterranean Sea, in pursuit of reaching Italy. Those arrested over suspicion of deliberately throwing Christian migrants in the sea come from Ivory Cost, Mali and Senegal; all of them being Muslims.

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The Italian police further stated that the other migrants on the boat along with these culprits said that they were spared “because they strongly opposed the drowning attempt and formed a human chain.” Later on the migrants’ boat was intercepted by Italian Navy ship, which seized the migrants and transferred them to a Panamanian-flagged ship. On Wednesday, the ship docked in Palermo, Italy followed by arrests of the alleged culprits who had thrown the Christian migrants overboard.

Nonetheless, thousands of migrants take on this life threatening voyage from North Africa to Europe’s Mediterranean coast, frequently using boats which are poorly equipped for the dangerous trip. Majority of them attempt the voyage to take off conflicts, war, violence and poverty in Africa and the Middle East. However, despite threats to life, more than 10,000 migrants have arrived thus far on the Italian shores from Libya since last weekend.