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Muslim refugees throw away aid parcels from Red Cross because of the crosses on them


Red Cross boxes

Hundreds of Muslim refugees deny Red Cross aid because the boxes had cross on them.

According to media reports, hundreds of Muslim refugees refused to take aid boxes from Red Cross. The refugees threw the boxes away because of the symbol of cross on them.

The Red Cross distributed aid boxes among the refugees on the Greek/Macedonian border. The unappreciative refugees hurled away the aid packets because they are offended by the red crosses that have been on the boxes since 1864.

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The parcels thrown by the hundreds of offended refugees had food items inside them. The International Red Cross is a non-governmental international charitable movement with approximately 97 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide which was instituted to care for human life and health.

Seeing massive number of refugees pouring to the border of Greek and Macedonia, the Red Cross actively distributed aid parcels among them. Due to conflicts in Syria, Iraq and other related regions huge number of natives are migrating towards Europe which is shaping up into a major humanitarian crisis.

This is believed to be Europe’s biggest migrant crisis after World War II. European countries are distressed over surging number of refugees arriving. These refugees mostly seek asylum in European countries and wish to settle down there and start new lives there.