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Muslims Extremists Threatens Christian Inhabitants of Nazareth Colony Faisalabad for Execution


Muslims Extremists Threatens Christian Inhabitants of Nazareth Colony for Execution

Nazareth Colony Faisalabad
On February 14, 2014 at Faisalabad thousands of Christian inhabitants of Nazareth Colony run away for safety as soon as possible from their houses when Muslims of their locality terrorize them to put their houses in flames and to execute them if Muslim girl who married a Christian boy shall not to hand over to them willingly.


A Muslim young woman of Nazareth Colony locality fell in love with a Christian boy and married him in secret on which Muslim extremists of that area assembled and terrorized to Christians to give back Muslim girl to her relatives to stay away from assaults on their houses after Friday prayers.


Police also moved towards Nazareth Colony and filed case against Christian boy under sections of abduction and enforced matrimony. The police took up two young men who are accused cousins and his father, whom they tormented to admit contribution in taking hostage of the Muslim girl. According to WVIP, one of the leading Human Right organization of Pakistan that Saleem Masih, father of Christian boy who wedded Muslim girl, was so brutally beaten by police that he had a dreadful heart attack and passed away.


The SHO says that they kept these two boys for their good and well being. For the safety of Christian community they have to show extremists that they have kept these two boys, to convince extremist leaders that they have trapped Christian people in jail.


Every month, more than dozen incidents happen in Pakistan, when Christian girls are kidnapped and enforcedly converted to Islam and married to influential Muslim but police refuse to file any case against Muslim kidnapers or just listen to victim’s family. One of the most recent one is of a 16 year old Christian girl Samariya Nadeem, who is still not retrieved from the abductors and also considered fair as she was forced to convert to Islam and marry a land lord. Her family and church is working hard and protesting for her sovereignty.