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Muslims kidnap 14 years old Pakistani Christian Girl to convert her to Islam


Mehak is a “CHOORI”; he will purify her by converting her to Islam and marry her…..
On August 17, 2011 a girl named Mehak Rashid was kidnapped from her house by a gang of five Muslims in Gujranwala.

Mehak Rashid daughter of Rashid Masih is a 14 year old girl. She lives in Shisharwali which is a Christian residential area in Gujranwala. Rashid Masih has children named Soha, Saul, Usman and Mehek, but he moved to Gujranwala from his native village Bawarey for seeking labor and rented a house here.


The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. Rashid Masih was at his work. A gang of five gangsters in a supervision of Mohammad Tayeb Butt entered the house of Rashid Masih and forced Mehak to move in their car on gunpoint. The girl was terrified so she began to cry and shout for help. Two passing by men namely Imran Masih and Mehboob Masih when heard the cries of the girl they approached to the house but Mohammad Tayeeb Butt pointed his gun on them and threatened them that if they tried to help Mehak, he will shoot them. After that he dragged Mehak in front of the witnesses and dumps her into his car by saying that Mehak is a “CHOORI”, he will purify her by converting her to Islam and marry her. (choori is a slang word used for Christian people in Gujranwala)

Mehak’s father along with other local people takes this incident to police station but police didn’t file the FIR because the gangsters are very influential.

Yet another issue, authorities and police is still silent and Christians are still hoping and praying for their rights.