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Muzaffargarh: A school teacher put behind the bars over blasphemy accusations


A school teacher in Muzaffargarh, put behind the bars over blasphemy accusations by parents of his students. The Arabic teacher was accused of committing blasphemy by the parents of his students after he beat them for not coming to class in time. After the incident, the teacher was suspended for bashing the two students who are brothers and students of class VI.

misuse of blasphemy law in Pakistan

The incident took place at Government High School, Gurmani while, citing the gravity of the situation, Headmaster Qazi Muhammad Ajmal told the media that the complainants had initially not accusations of blasphemy against the Arabic teacher. The headmaster said, the allegations are baseless, and apparently is an act of retribution from the parents. He admitted that the accused teacher had beaten the students and got suspended but he did not commit blasphemy.

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Consequently, the school teacher was sent to jail on judicial remand by the court consequently, an FIR No 198/16 including charges of blasphemy under Section 295C of Pakistan Penal Court was registered against the teacher. A police official narrated that shortly after the allegations were brought against the school teacher, a mob of about 150 people, staged a protest against the respondent while besieging the school.The headmaster claims that he had carried out investigations into the matter and found that the school teacher did not commit blasphemy.

Seeing the situation, the headmaster of the school detained the respondent in a room, in order to make sure he was kept safe from the mob. Later on the accused school teacher was handed over to the police as the situation seemed to get out of control. Furthermore, the police official said that the respondent seems to have been suffering from psychological issues.