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My sons’ intention was not to kill the girl says father of Christian who killed his sister in the name of honor


In a rare Christian honor killing, a girl was killed by her own brother in Sialkot. Anam Izhaq Masih who was in her late teens was smashed to death by 23-years-old brother Saqib Izhaq Masih. In a vicious honor killing incident, the victim was done away with in the small hours of Sunday, June 12.

Christian girl killed by her brother in Sialkot

Anam was purportedly insisting upon marrying a man of her choice. The victim’s father, Yousaf Masih, explained that the family was against the match since the two families were related. Yousaf Masih further expounded that his son Saqib had no intention to kill Anam.

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Yousaf Masih, said that the brother and sister were engaged in an argument over the issue. “They started arguing. He hit her with the stick; he has no intention to kill her. Things just got out of hand, he reacted in anger. In the end, I guess it did become an issue of honor.”

“The girl, named Anam Izhaq Masih, was in her late teens and wanted to marry a Christian neighbor but the family was against the marriage,” explained the police official-in-charge of concerned police station, Rana Zulfiqar. He said that murderer Saqib is in police custody and due action will be taken against him.

Peter Jacob Honor secretary at the National Commission for Justice and Peace, who is a staunch advocate of human rights says honor killings in Pakistan’s Christian community, are “extremely rare.”

The Human Rights Commission Pakistan, states that violence against women is rambling in the country. The figures circulated by the Commission, in the first five months of 2016, as many as 212 women were killed in the name of “honor.”