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Myanmar: A group of people read Bible in their native language for the first time in 182 years


Wycliffe Associates- a Bible-translation organization has announced that a group of Christians living in a village of Myanmar read the Bible in their local language for the first time ever. The Wycliffe Associates claimed that these Christians had to wait for 182 years to read bible in their native tongue.

Christianity in Myanmar

While speaking in this regard, Bruce Smith- President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates, stated, “They’ve endured persecution. They’ve struggled to teach the Scriptures to their young people in other languages. They’ve been told for generations they have to keep waiting until Westerners can translate the Bible for them.”

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The Wycliffe Associates CEO did not reveal the identity of the group specifically, which has been helped by the Bible translators. However he did mention that the Gospel was shared in the region by the missionaries, way back in 1834. It has been almost 182 years that these people were unable to read Bible in their native language; however the Wycliffe Associates says that the use of Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation, (MAST) strategy the local believers were able to translate 18 books of the New Testament in only two weeks.

In order to attain this errand, the Bible translators used the Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation program. MAST was used to translate the New Testament for the particular group. Bruce Smith further explained that this strategy enables translation of significant portions of the Bible in just months instead of years, as it formerly took.

The translators expressed hope that they will be able to translate entire Bible by the end of 2016. They explained that by use of this method, verses are drafted in the mornings, and a five-step process is used to check the verses in the afternoons and evenings. “The work produced through MAST methodology is excellent. It compares very favorably with texts produced through other methods,” said John Luton- a translator involved in 52 translation projects around the world.

In any event, the Wycliffe Associates claim that there are 14 such groups, or roughly about 17 million people, “who are yet to read the Bible in their own language.” “Christian churches, planted by missionaries in the 1800s, have survived — and they will drive the translation of God’s Word into their own languages. There is no denying God has wrought the miraculous in Southeast Asia,” Bruce Smith said.

Bruce Smith went on to reveal that the Wycliffe Associates will be organizing a training session for Bible translators, in the Middle East who are working in the most perilous places on earth.

“This is a place of terror, oppression, violence, death, and heartache. To be a Christian is to be a target. Yet the few Christians living there are pleading for Bibles to share secretly with the many, many people around them who are hungry for the truth,” he said.