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Myanmar’s persecuted Kachin Christians urge international community to help them


Christians in Myanmar’s Kachin area facing systematic genocide at the hands of rebels and the armed forces. Media reports have this, that national troops torched entire village in Northwestern Myanmar conducting ethnic cleansing. Kachin Christians majority of whom are Baptist are facing intensified attacks.

Kachin Christians

Christianity Today reported that: “Thousands of Kachin have been driven out of more than 50 villages as of June 2018..adding to a tally of more than 400 villages, 300 churches and 100 schools destroyed or damaged by soldiers since 2011, according to the Kachin Independence Organization.”

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American Missionary, Adoniram Judson preached Christianity in Kachin area of Myanmar from 1813 to 1860. Kachin’s persecuted Christians are seeking help from international community especially from the US as it’s the place from which Christianity was brought to Myanmar.

In keeping with Christianity Today’s report dilated the crisis saying that: “Myanmar’s Armed Forces … have cut off humanitarian aid to camps for internally displaced people in areas controlled by the Kachin Independence Organization’s armed wing.”

Myanmar’s army justifies use of “fighter jets, helicopters and heavy artillery to bomb, burn and fire at Kachin villages,” on the pretext that Kachin Independence Organization is a terrorist group. The Kachin Independence Organisation is a Kachin ethno-political organization.

Myanmar’s armed forces have thus far ransacked and destroyed churches. There have been reports when forces entered churches and converted them into Buddhist temples. Ever since, Church was planted in Myanmar Christians have been facing persecution. The early church did not resort to violent retaliation, thousands of Christians embraced martyrdom. History reveals that despite severe persecution, the church growth did not recede. More unbelievers were attracted to Christian faith and continued to accept Christian faith.

Open Doors reveals: “In predominantly Christian states like Kachin State, Karen State and Northern Shan, even well-established historical churches experience attacks. More than 100,000 Christians live in IDP (internally displaced) camps, deprived of access to food and healthcare.”