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Nabeel Masih’s blasphemy row: Christian respondent’s defense counsel team threatened of dire consequences


Blasphemy accused Christian teenager Nabeel Masih was presented before the court today, October 8. Nabeel’s bail petition had been filed in the Pattoki Sessions court seeking his bail – Section 295-A is bailable. His legal team comprising of prominent Pakistani Christian advocacy group The Voice team was threatened by the fanatics, and were warned of serious consequences.

Pakistani Christian accused of blapshemy

Advocate Aneeqa Maria who head the The Voice Team reported that during today’s hearing Father Amanat and respondent’s brother Wakeel Masih also accompanied them. “There were about 80 people of different age groups including students were present in the premises only for Nabeel’s hearing and each of them was continuously calling on phone the other people to come,” Advocate Aneeqa Maria confirmed in her report.

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The mob seemed enraged and fuming as they demanded that Nabeel Masih must be hanged while hurled threats at his family saying they would wipe out the blasphemer’s entire family. “Even the Voice Lawyers Adv. Aneeqa and Adv. Tahir Gull were directly threatened by the Complainant’s Lawyer Adv. Amin Muzammal Chauhdry and his Panel Lawyers in the presence of the Honorable Judge Mr. Muhammad Imran,” Advocate Aneeqa Maria explained.

In line with Advocate Aneeqa Maria the prosecution lawyer told Nabeel’s legal team: “Do you have any idea in what cases are you appearing as a counsel … it’s a blasphemy case and this man has blasphemed against Islam and you should know that Pakistan is an Islamic state, we are all Muslims, and these are Muslim courts so you should not defend such a criminal. You people come from Lahore to pursue this case here we have unlimited people whom you cannot face, so you better watch yourself and stay away.”

It was further delineated that after the case hearing the radicals had said that Nabeel had committed an unpardonable crime – therefore he and his family is worthy to be killed. The Voice Team safeguarded the family of Nabeel and was able to get them a safe exit from the court premises.

“We pray that may this case not take lives as it’s been a practice now. Please keep us all in your prayers and we also need your external influence and lobby with our state to solve this matter and to let it inside the courts for us to defend in accordance with law,” Advocate Aneeqa urged.