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Nabeel Qureshi’s passionate evangelism never to be forgotten


Famed evangelist Nabeel Qureshi, went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, September 16. 34-year-old Christian apologist was a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and continued to serve until last year.

Christian apologist Nabeel Quresi passes away

He was diagnosed with Advanced Stomach Cancer and had been receiving treatment at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, U.S. Nabeel was raised in an America-based Pakistani Muslim family. He came to Christ as he read the Bible to debate a medical school friend. Nabeel had shared his testimony in his book.

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His book was the only book ever to win Christian Book Awards for both “Best New Author” and “Best Nonfiction,” in 2015. In July 2014, he was heralded as one of “33 Under 33″in Christianity Today’s cover story on emerging religious leaders.

Nabeel studied M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical School, an M.A. in Christian apologetics from Biola University, an M.A. in religion from Duke University, and an M.Phil. in Judaism and Christianity from the University of Oxford. He went on to pursue Doctorate in New Testament studies at the University of Oxford but was unable to down to diagnosis of stomach cancer.

The God of the Bible “reached me through investigations, dreams, and visions, and called me to prayer in my suffering. It was there that I found Jesus. To follow him is worth giving up everything,” he testified.

“Qureshi was not just an evangelical; he was passionately evangelistic. He desired to cover the globe with the good news that God’s forgiveness was available to all. I have seldom seen a man with such deep conviction and proportionate passion and gifting. When he spoke, he held audiences spellbound,” Dr. Ravi Zacharias remembers the young novice.

“I invited him to join our team at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) four and a half years ago. He called me ‘uncle’. He became part of our team. Everywhere he went, they wanted him back,” Dr. Ravi commemorates his team member and describing him as “one of the finest preachers I have ever heard.”

“Goodbye, my dear friend. I mourn your loss. I weep over a friendship that was so short. You taught me so much. You often asked me after a message, “Uncle, how did I do?” My delight was great. Greater will be your delight now as you ask your Lord and your God, “Father, how did I do?” You will hear the divine accolade: “Well done, my child,” wrote Dr. Ravi Zacharias.