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NADRA directed to create a software for registration of Christian marriages


Government of Pakistan has directed National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), to create software for registration of Christian marriages in the country. This directive has been issued in compliance with the Supreme Court’s edict. Currently, Christian marriages are not being registered with the government or NADRA; which won the Christian marriage certificates a status not more than that of private documents.

NADRA to create software for Christian marriages registrations

Once the government issues directives to get Christian marriages registered, Christians will have to present their marriage certificate to the local Union Council, which will issue them another marriage certificate accordingly recognized by the government. This step will also prevent many hitches Pakistani Christians have to face while getting their marriages recognized by the government.

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This step will facilitate the Christians in Pakistan and will have favorable effect. The government issued Christian marriage certificate will have government recognition, and no longer will be a communal or private document. Moreover, registration of Christian marriages, will also be helpful for the government in compiling an accurate data of Christian couples in the country, and will help chalk out exact figures of Christian population during census.

Another huge impact of registration of Christian marriages is that the scourge of “Forced Conversions”, could be thwarted, as married Christian woman cannot be re-married without proper divorce from her first husband. Government would have a truthful record of the Christian marriage of Christian women which will make registration of forced marriages of married victims it impossible.

Moreover, in cases involving divorce or separation of Christian couples, the pastors who had conducted the marriage of a Christian couple along with the witnesses who signed the church issued marriage certificate of the couple will not be required to present themselves at the court. Additionally, Christian serving in Pakistan Army or other such government set-up’s where marriage allowances are awarded; will not have to make efforts to get their marriages recognized officially in order to enjoy the marriage allowances.