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Nankana Sahib: Primordial graveyard for Christians infiltrated by sewage, faces likely usurpation by landlords


In line with senior journalist Tariq Channan’s report, a Christians’ graveyard in Chak 81, Nankana Sahib has been inundated by sewage owing to avaricious scheming by the local landlords. Landlords are eying to seize the land of the graveyard. As a result of the inundation, several graves in the pre-historic graveyard had been flattened which has resulted in desecration of the graves. Local Christians whined that landlords have already seized a portion of the graveyard.

Christians' graves desecrated in Punjab

Local Christians rant and rave as graves of their loved ones are being desecrated. “More than half of the graveyard has turned into pool of sewerage, majority of the graves have submerged,” said a local Christian Asif Jacob.

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Asif Jacob further stated that before the partition, Christians were granted about one and half acres of land to be used as cemetery. He said there are official documents still available which are credible proof of the allocation. He further said that back in 2009, the allocation of the land was corroborated, yet the local influential are eyeing to seize the burial land.

Furthermore, other local Christians namely Ashiq Masih, Younus Masih, Iqbal Masih, Riaz Masih, Allah Dita Masih, Gulzar Masih and Mumtaz Masih said that they had already implored a Christian lawmaker to save the graveyard land from seizure.

They complained that despite earnest appeal, no action was taken by the Christian lawmaker. They urged Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sahrif, to take note of the situation and safeguard the graveyard from land grabbers. At the same time, they urged Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael and Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs Kahlil Tahir Sandhu to take action against the landlords trying to seize the graveyard.