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National Minorities Day observance: AMD poses deference yet democratic protest against violence against minorities


In a statement publicized on the occasion of National Minorities’ Day 2016, budding political outfit All Minorities’ Democrats have expressed reverence for the authorities and the government while urging for more efficacious efforts in order to ward off human rights violations against Non-Muslim Pakistanis.

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The joint statement from the Chairman of AMD Robin Yousaf Saroya and President Sarfraz Gill expressed dissatisfaction over the state of affairs for the Non-Muslim Pakistanis. They stated that the struggle is not only for equal right for Christians but for all other Pakistanis hailing from various faith.

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AMD’s statement reads:

Respected Senior Citzens, Brothers, Sisters and Friends

August 11, 1947, is glorified as one of the imperative days in the nation’s history. The significance of this day has been beefed up since past few years ago when August 11 was announced to be marked as the “Minorities’ Day” in Pakistan. On the occasion of Minorities’ Day AMD pays high respect to the Government of Pakistan while at the same time records a democratic protest “against all those violations which have occurred in the past against minorities.”

While further clarifying, AMD’s stance, it was stated that the beseeching does not comes only on behalf of Christians but also in support of all those communities who are minor and sidelined in their own homeland.

We urge the Government of Pakistan and the lawmakers to modify the national policies in order to ensure dispensation of equal rights to the religious minorities- the dispensation which has now become inevitable. It was further urged that the government must take steps to bestow the election procedure so that they can practice a democratic way of electing their representatives at national and provincial levels.

“Live Long AMD – Live Long Pakistan.”