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Need for Scripture booklets elevated in the face of refugees’ flood from the Middle East


In the face of escalating violence in the Middle East, the deluge of refugees keeps hitting Europe; an increased number of refugees are being touched by the Gospel of Christ. According to an NGO serving the refugees on the field, Christian hosts are sharing their most treasured procession with the refugees.

Refugees from Middle East accepting Christianity

While describing the current situation, Helen Williams from the World Missionary Press said, that the Western Christians are eager to help the refugees. With this intention, they share the Gospel of Christ with the refugees; who in turn ask for assistance in knowing more about Christianity.

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The organization, World Missionary Press has been providing Scripture in different languages. By this means if one does not knows the native language of these refugees, they can still be presented with the Word of God in their own language. Moreover, the organization is distributing scripture booklets that are helpful for those seeking an introduction to the one true God, and the message of salvation; which facilitates them to make a firm decision.

Helen Williams explained that there has been a sharp increase in Europe for the requests for scripture booklets. She explained that a large part of these refugees have heard the message of salvation for the very first time. “We hear politically that it’s a difficult situation—and it is—for the countries in Europe, and yet it’s an open door for the Gospel,” she said.

She told about a group of refugees arriving in Germany and said that “When they got to Munich, someone introduced them to the Scriptures and to the Gospel and ten of them were born again. And these ten have gathered together to reach out to the rest of the Muslims that are coming through.”

In Sweden, she said that the individual and groups of refugees are being dispensed with booklets by the people who are willing to give hope to them. “These people have hungry hearts and they have needy hearts and now’s the time.” She went on to explain, “Many of these people are offering the scripture booklets along with food and water and blankets and shoes.”