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Nepal: Bombings in two churches jolt country’s Christians making the situation more tense


Churches bombed in Nepal

Two churches bombed in Nepal, followed by lawmakers opting in favour of a secular country.

Followed by Nepalese lawmakers opting for a secular Nepal, two churches targeted on Monday September 14, night- just hours after the constituent assembly rejected the proposal to declare the country a Hindu state. Moreover, it has been reported that local officials confirmed that pamphlets belonging to a religious outfit called Hindu Morcha Nepal were found at the churches.

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The Nepalese police revealed that there were no casualties and no one was wounded in blasts. These blasts were of low-intensity, the police revealed, adding that they the incidents occurred around midnight at two churches in the far-eastern Jhapa district.

It was later reported that a bomb which was found from the premises of another church exploded while it was being brought to a local police station. Three policemen were injured while one of them is severely injured and is in critical condition.

Tensions augmented on Monday when pro-Hindu organisations strongly disapproved of the Nepalese constituent assembly’s rejection of a proposal to declare Nepal as Hindu state status. Previously, Nepal has been a Hindu nation since years until Parliament declared it a secular state in 2008.