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Nepali Christians Return To Worship After Massive Quake Destruction


nepali church
In God’s time, anything can happen,” the 55-year-old mother told Christian Today. Tamang lost her husband Maila, her sister, and three other family members when Vision of Salvation church, which rented rooms in a four-story commercial building in the Swayambu area of Nepal’s capital, collapsed with 62 worshipers present.

Maili Tamang clapped and sang along as the remnants of her husband’s Kathmandu church gathered for a noon prayer one week after a massive earthquake collapsed the “roof of the world.”

The evangelical churches have suffered terrible tragedies. Kathmandu reveals that an accurate tally of churches destroyed and Christians killed remains hard to come by, since anecdotal reports can be duplicated or exaggerated. But it is clear that many Christians died in their churches during weekly prayers.

The earthquake, which killed more than 6,000 people, damaged dozens of churches in and around Kathmandu, Nepal’s largest city