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Nepali Faith Shaken After Second Quake


For the second time in less than three weeks, Nepal was shaken by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, leaving many dead and hundreds more injured. Everyone is trying to get into the open air, or in a tent in Kathmandu.

The epicenter, this time, located near Mount Everest, took down buildings already shaken by the April 25 quake.

The earthquake is shaking the faith of many Hindus in this predominately-Hindu nation. Garnesh Pradhan told USA Today, “Not only Hindu[ism] I left, [but] all the gods I left.”

Pastors and motivated Christians are reaching out with emergency aid as well as with the message of the Gospel.
Thirty year ago there were hardly any Christians in Nepal. The Christian population is small but has been growing for the past 30 years. In fact, it’s the fastest-growing church on planet Earth during these three decades.

These uncertain times are laying the groundwork for churches to provide tangible aid. Probably about 30 churches have been mobilizing aid that are right in the middle of the worst-hit areas, to be a point of light in these neighborhoods.

People are struggling with the questions that how can their Gods, allow this to happen? Pastors are well-equipped to handle the spiritual side of things. They’re also often the best when it comes to emotional care. As Nepali Hindus deal with a hoard of questions and are leaving their God’s Pastors in the area continue to guide them and be a source of relief.