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Nepal’s Popular Celebrity Accepts Christ, Faces Extremism From Radical Hindus


One of Nepal’s most popular celebrity singer and actress Anju Panta, says she converted to Christianity because she found “peace” in the Lord.

Nepali celebrity- Anju Panta
Nepali celebrity- Anju Panta

Moreover responding to the fierce criticism that her conversion has provoked from Hindu world and the violent campaign launched by radicals she says, “I have nothing to say to those who are criticizing me. May be it’s God’s plan and now I’m under the grace of God.”

After the conversion her song writing has changed. Some time ago she recorded “Jaba Ma Prabhuko Bhayar Jiuna Thale Nirasama Shanti Paya,” about the beginning of her new life in Christ and the peace that the Lord has given her in the storm. Because of her Christian beliefs, on September 4 she refused to sing at a Hindu festival: “My faith does not allow me to worship the Hindu deity through song. Moreover, in those days I was not well. Though I was offered a large amount of money, I declined the engagement”. Her decision has given a free rein to the fury of radical Hindu groups, but also has won her admiration from the Christian community.