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New Book on Author’s Divine Encounters Set to Strengthen Faith in God

Jennifer Wilder Morgan and Kathie Lee Gifford pose for “Come to The Garden” Promotional photos, 2016.

In an interview with The Christian Post, author of the new book Come to the Garden talks about her experiences and what inspired her to write the book.

The 50 year old Texas homemaker-turned-lay minister, talks about the book which was inspired by her ministry at Methodist Hospital in Houston.

Jennifer Wilder Morgan felt called by God right before her 50th birthday to write about how He has been speaking to her throughout her life, mostly through dreams and divine encounters with heavenly beings.

Explaining the story of the book Morgan said, “The story is about a fictional angel named Margaret who takes the character Jenn on a journey through her life revealing how God has been present and speaking to her. The life events and dreams in the story are my own true experiences.”

The Bible narrates many events where angels appeared to people to convey a message or to help them. Morgan believes they still do. “Angels appeared to people in human form in Scripture and still do today. In my own experience, as well as the testimonies of many others, angels can appear to us, speak to us, and interact with us in human form.”

Morgan said angels had different roles and can serve as messengers, protectors, or guides.

When asked if people needed to be qualified to see the angels Morgan explained, “We are all “qualified” to see angels because we are God’s children. If we see angels, it is because we are permitted to do so by our Father. I do not believe it is something we can will on our own, although I think it is good to have hearts and minds open to the possibility of experiencing the Divine. Angels are sent according to our Father’s will, and the ability to see them/encounter them is a precious and uniquely individual gift.”

She says, “Come to the Garden” is an invitation to enter into a deep personal relationship with the Father who loves you more than you could ever imagine. You are invited to step into the garden with childlike faith, full of expectation, wonder and belief – and to discover that heaven is closer than you think.”

Existence of supernatural beings is not a concept everybody can grasp. Many people deny the existence of such beings. Talking about people who did not believe in the existence of supernatural beings, she said, “One of my favorite quotes is by C.S. Lewis, which states, ‘We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.’”

“I like to suggest to those who do not believe in the supernatural to consider C.S. Lewis’ statement, because it turns our normal conception about ourselves upside down. We tend to think of ourselves as humans who can be spiritual, if we choose.”

“But considering ourselves as merely human limits us. If we can wrap our minds around the fact that we are truly exquisite beings…spiritual beings having a human experience…we open ourselves to a whole new realm of possibility, allowing us to consider that we are intimately connected to the supernatural, and that the supernatural can and does act upon our lives. Believing in the supernatural is a choice that begins with giving ourselves permission to believe.”

Morgan has provided a free “Come to the Garden” App, available for download on iPhone and Android phones in the app stores, where readers can listen to excerpts of the audiobook, and can share their own personal stories of how they have encountered God.