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New Chruch Opened in Abu Dhabi – Believers Come in Huge Numbers


A new church for the thousands of migrant Christians and local Arabs in Muslim-dominated United Arab Emirates has been inaugurated last week, highlighting the country’s religious tolerance.

Located in Mussafah, a satellite town of Abu Dhabi, St. Paul parish overflowed with 5,000 Christian worshipers gathering for the Thanksgiving Mass, far more than its 1,200-capacity.

It is set to cater to the 60,000 to 70,000 Christians working and living in the surrounding area, many of whom are migrant workers from Africa, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Some local Arabs have also joined in
Christians form nine percent of UAE’s population, while Muslims constitute 76 percent. There are also Hindu and Buddhist minorities.

“We thank the rulers for providing an attractive environment where Christians feel accepted and are able to live their own identity and to practice their religious beliefs,” said Bishop Paul Hinder, Vicar Apostolic of Southern Arabia, during the consecration of the new St. Paul parish.

“The mission of the Church is to do everything possible to foster the human capital of the Christian faithful and to make them strong in the pursuit of truth and moral behavior and thus able to better serve the country,” he said.