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NEW MEXICO: Explosions Rock Two Churches During Sunday Services


churches hit in New Mexico

Two churches targeted in New Mexico, congregations barely escape.

According to media reports, explosions rocked two churches in Las Cruces in New Mexico, on Sunday August 2. Police say both the explosions were very likely connected.

According to details, an explosive device was set in a mailbox on the wall of Calvary Baptist church, which detonated at 8:20 in the morning. A second explosive device was placed in a trash container just outside Holy Cross Catholic church, which exploded 20 minutes after the first blast in Calvary Baptist Church.

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On the other hand, Sunday Masses were being celebrated inside the churches when the explosions hit them. However, there were no casualties caused by the explosions; as prayer services were going on and congregations were inside the church buildings in both cases. Still both church buildings have suffered minor damage.

Danny Trujillo, a spokesman for Las Cruces police said: “It doesn’t appear to be coincidental.” He pointed to the timing of the two explosions while highlighted the fact that both the churches were the obvious targets. However, police are investigating into the incidents.