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New Propaganda – Is Life Normal In ISIS Controlled Territory?


ISIS has a new propaganda of promoting how life is normal in the areas under the control of ISIS. One out of nine British students has featured on a video released by ISIS.

Tamer Ahmed Ebu Sebah, sits behind an office desk, normally dressed. Sebah claims to represent the doctors of the medical council in Deir Ezzor and insists that he found the medical services “actually very good.”

This young man is used as a tool by ISIS who wants the world to know that the on going humanitarian crises, extra judicial killing and millions living under refugee status does not effect the normalcy of life in the region.

An Australian doctor who left his country to join ISIS in Syria also featured on a video saying, he is doing the same job in Syria. He also mentioned that conditions are good there and he is also carrying out surgeries. All these are tools used by ISIS to negate the negativity that surrounds it.

Sebah is also showing tutoring a group of medical workers at a hospital run by ISIS. The video ends with an appeal for Muslims to migrate to areas under control of ISIS and not to believe propaganda western media is spreading.