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Nigel Bobby comes into view as a “musical genius”


Nigel Bobby

Nigel Bobby was born on December 22, 1985 in Karachi. He harboured an early craze for music as he grew old, hearing music at his home and used to sing along with the church choir.

Nigel’s father became his first inspiration who was director of choir at St. Anthony Church, Cantt, Karachi. “My father used to listen to classical music including Ghazals (Semi-classical), Thumri, Kafi, Tarana and other style of music which naturally drove me toward RAGAs and light classical music of subcontinent,” he recalled.

At an early age of 16, a friend became his guitar instructor and soon Nigel joined St. Patrick Cathedral and St. Anthony as a guitarist. He ascribes his passion for Gospel music to his Christian roots saying, “Because of my Christian background I was inclined toward Church music also and I formed the first Gospel band in Karachi entitled ‘infinity’ in 2004 and served in various churches as a singer and guitarist.”

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He studied B.Com from Karachi University in 2006, and started working at Karachi Adventist Hospital. But it was not where his mind and soul truly was. Music had always been his substance. “I worked and practiced music side by side initially. It was hard for me to continue my music practice and job’s responsibility simultaneously,” he explained.

It was, however, in 2007, when he took a major step forward towards a thriving career in music industry when he started taking training of classical music from another Christian composer in Karachi. Nigel mastered classical RAGA on harmonium and later formed another Gospel band named “Universal Gospel Band” together with few other Christian musicians. The Universal Gospel Band performed in various religious programs.

He joined “Tehillim School of Church Music & Worship” in 2009; as a singer and guitarist. Meanwhile, Nigel gained knowledge of studio recordings at Dixon Wilson studio.

“Training at Dixon Wilson studio proved helpful to me, whilst boosted my understanding of audio techniques. I discovered use of modern technology in music realm,” he added. In the intervening time, he sang hymns for various gospel albums and events.

Being, constrained by an innate ardour and commitment for music, Nigel gave up his job at Karachi Adventist Hospital and got fully engaged in learning and exploring music at his own. In 2012, he joined NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts) as a vocal student, even though it was a demanding chore to continue without any regular income, he says, “ but, I accepted the challenge.”

This new-fangled experience at NAPA enlarged Nigel’s terrain of music and so consequently, his vocal skills were buffed up under exceptional mentorship of celebrated and experienced musicians of Pakistan. In 2014, he gained acquaintance with the Western style of music when through student exchange program between NAPA and University of Texas. NAPA sent him to Butler School of music at UT, USA.

Nigel has always had a leaning towards application of various techniques of western style of music and in South Asian unison style of singing and music. “I always feel honoured to be a student at NAPA and hope that this exposure will help me to deliver this knowledge and experience to the future generation of musicians and singers in Pakistan through the immeasurable service of NAPA in Pakistan and in church music through Tehillim School of Church Music,” he said.

“All my passion and commitment for worship music led me to engage myself fully and learn music in my own context. Through the journey of music ministry I realized that music should serve the Word of God and it is a powerful tool to educate and edify the body of Christ and promote peace building and religious harmony,” he mentioned.

Presently, Nigel is teaching vocals in Tehillim School of Church Music. More than 35 students are being benefited by his vast exposure to music after all, Nigel anticipates them to certainly be a part of different churches as worshippers.

Nigel’s upcoming album “Rooh-e-Khuda” consists of seven hymns and one psalm has been released internationally in countries like, USA, India, Thailand. This album will be released in Pakistan in November 2015. Nonetheless, the response so far to this album is noteworthy. His album features various emerging Christian talent, however, this album has fulfilled his expectations towards the worship driven music among the Christian fraternity.

Nigel Bobby

Nonetheless, his career is blooming in the mainstream Pakistani music industry as well. Nigel works as a Freelance musician/singer with almost all the recording studios in Karachi. He is also engaged as an Audio Engineer at DIXON WILSON STUDIO and is currently working on music of upcoming Pakistani movies HIJRAT and YALGHAAR.

Nigel is also making a mark at various commercial channels with several exceptional projects. Nigel is singing for different mainstream Pakistani media projects in addition to singing as a playback singer for radio and TV commercials which includes FM 89, FM 105, FM 91 and music/Tv Channels like 8XM , Hum Tv, PTV and many others.

Nigel’s is working with OPUS for various forthcoming projects. Recently, he performed at the “I am Karachi festival” at Port Grand. He has several Christian worship as well as commercial music projects up his sleeves.