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NIGER: Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protestors Looted Homes Of Christians, Set Churches On Fire, Death Toll Reaches 10


10 Dead, Churches burnt and homes of Christians looted during the anti-Charlie Hebdo protests in Niger.

Protestors looted homes of Christians burnt Churches and killed many  in Niger
Protestors looted homes of Christians burnt Churches and killed many in Niger

According to media reports, at least five people were killed on Saturday January 17 in protests in Niger against Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures which have provoked Muslims greatly, thus bringing the death toll from two days of violence in the country to 10.

At this occasion young protestors were setting the churches on fire, throwing stones, looting homes of Christians and shops in the markets. The police however, fired tear gas at the crowds in order to disperse the raging mob. This was incited as a meeting of The local Islamic leaders was cancelled by the authorities in Niamey, capital of Niger. Niger’s 17 million people are almost all Muslims, though its government remains secular.

President of Niger, Mahamadou Issoufou said all five of the dead were civilians, with four of them killed inside burned churches or bars. He said an investigation would be carried out and those responsible for organising the violence would be punished.

“Those who pillage religious sites and profane them, those who persecute and kill their Christian compatriots or foreigners who live on our soil, have understood nothing of Islam,” he said in a televised address.