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NIGER: Christians Living Under Fear After The Deadly Protests By The Muslims


The religious violence that swallowed up Niger in recent past has traumatised the country’s Christian community.

Christians living fearfully in Niger
Christians living fearfully in Niger

According to media reports, Christians in Niger are living in fear of further persecution. Many of Christians have been traumatised; the burnt-out buildings of churches reveal the extent of the violence including looting, arson and desecration in the mainly Muslim country.

A Christian in Zinder said, “They are looking for Christians. They burned everything with any Christian symbols on it, whether Catholic or Evangelical.”

Previously, on January 16, protests against the publication of a cartoon considered blasphemous by Muslims turned out to be the inciting factor for deadly protests in Zinder. During these protests, five people were killed and 45 wounded. All but one of the city’s churches were burned to the ground. In the capital Niamey, the following day, another five people died and 173 were injured in further violence. According to estimates, 70 churches were burnt down in the country.