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Nigeria: 20 Christians including children killed during an attack


A recent attack on Christians left at least 20 dead. A human rights watchdog International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that that a Nigerian village came under attack, as Fulani Herdsmen killed and injured several people.

Christian persecution in Nigeria

In line with details, 19 Christians all members of the Salama Baptist Church in the village of Ancha in the Plateau state were murdered by the attackers. Another Christian who died during this attack was member of a Methodist church. An entire family perished in the attack. Furthermore, five Christians sustained severe injuries and were rushed to the hospital.

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Speaking in this regard, Secretary of Salama Baptist Church in Ancha told a Christian persecution watchdog that those killed were from three families. He said that among those who were killed were children of ages three months to seventeen.

John Bulus, detailed that the children who were killed in the attack include 3-month-old Azumi, 3-year-old Lami, 5-year-old Aveh Ishaya, 6-year-old Emmanuel, 7-year-old Deba John, 8-year-old Ishaya, 9-year-old Sati Ishaya, 10-year-old Ayo John and 17-year-old John.

He detailed that the adults who got killed included, 18-year-old Bala Ishaya, 19-year-old Sei Musa, 20-year-old Tona, 21-year-old Musa Ishaya, 40-year-old Ishaya Ahmadu, 40-year-old Lami Ishaya, 45-year-old Laraba Bulus, 48-year-old Kande Ahmadu, 50-year-old Bulus Rohun, 75-year-old Gada Oda and 80-year-old Ahmadu Rohun.

“One of them ran after me into the house, and he stood by the door to my room without entering the room or shooting, and after a few minutes he went out to join his colleagues outside. And just as I was thinking about what to do, I heard sporadic gunshots all over the village. They were shooting everywhere in the village and this lasted for about 25 minutes,” John Bulus was quoted by the persecution watchdog.

International Christian Concern (ICC), between October 2016 and September 2017 these Fulani militants have attacked more than 20 Christian villages. These attacks have left more than 200 Christians dead, hundreds of properties belonging to Christians damaged or destroyed.

It is being reported that police claim the attack revenge case as previously a Fulani boy was beheaded in a nearby village. “The village where they claim one of them was killed over a year ago is not part of our village, and we have never had any misunderstanding with them in the past,” John Bulus clarified.