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NIGERIA: Christians Help Muslim Prisoners During The Month Of Ramadan


Nigerian Christians helping Muslim prisoners

Christian priests reach out to the Muslim inmates in a Nigerian city Kaduna.

According to media reports, Christian clerics in Kaduna a city of Nigeria. They reached out the Muslim inmates during the month of Ramadan while distributing food items. Various food items were handed out to the Muslim prisoners. At the same time they distributed food items among the deprived people in order to express solidarity with Muslims in an effort promote peace between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.

This has been a regular practice by the members of the Peace, Revival and Reconciliation Foundation to visit prisoners in Kaduna jail to distribute food, soap and other items to Muslim prisoners. They also pay fines for those prisoners serving short sentences.

Peace, Revival and Reconciliation Foundation was established by Pastor Yuhanna Buru. Pastor Yuhanna says, “the donations are being made to try to foster peace between Muslims and Christians for mutual understanding, so that they may break their fast this evening and pray for our nation, pray for peace for this country, pray for peace in northern Nigeria, peace in Kaduna state and peace across the world.”

Moroever, Pastor Buru says he and his organisation are endeavouring to shatter the barriers that divide people along religious and ethnic lines. He said that he has been doing this for the past four years by securing the release of four inmates who were imprisoned for minor crimes. “We don’t want to break the tradition. … Every year we are releasing Muslim prisoners for Ramadan fasting,” he said.

One of these Muslim prisoners Ismail Saidu, who received donations from Pastor Buru’s organisation, says “Definitely, what they have given us, we are going to use it judicially.” Another Muslim inmate 23-years-old Abubakar Haruna, got released recently because of efforts of Pastor Buru’s organisation.

Moreover, just last year in 2014, the Peace, Revival and Reconciliation Foundation was able to release six prisoners. Members of this organisation say they want to get all the more prisoners set free with the intention that they can build a peaceful city, state and country.