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NIGERIA: “Leave, Convert Or Die” Boko Haram Gives An Ultimatum To Christians


The ensnared residents from the mainly Christian city of Mubi in Adamawa state of Nigeria report that local Christians have been tortured and killed after the Islamist group Boko Haram took control of the town on 29 October.

Christians killed in Nigeria
Christians killed in Nigeria

Moreover, the extremist group, following the footprints of ISIS, has burnt down Churches across the city, whereas homes of Christians have also been torched. The group has renamed the city Madinatul Islam, meaning “City of Islam”. According to reports, the Islamist group is telling Christians in Mubi that they must “leave, convert to Islam, or be killed.”
A local church leader who escaped barbarism by the extremist group has reported that most of the killings were of Christians who could not or would not recite the shahada (the basic Islamic creed that Muslims say is enough for a person to convert to Islam). While, some others have reported that Christians had been stoned to death.
Appealing to all Nigerians, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, president of the Christian Association of Nigeria stated, “I believe as bad as the situation is, with God, all things are possible. I know that there is God. He will not forsake us. We have restrained our people so much and we will continue to restrain them. But I beg Nigerians not to let this continue. These are dangerous and serious times.”