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Nigeria: Mother of an abducted Chibok schoolgirl implores for a militant swap


Mother of one of the abducted Chibok girls has implored the Nigerian government to swap the girls for Boko Haram militants. She earnestly pleaded with the Nigerian President to exchange the militants for the school girls. She urged the President to rescue 218 girls, by acceding to the demands of Boko Haram militants.

Boko Haram

This destitute mother’s appeal came followed by a video publicized by the militant group Boko Haram in which dozens of abducted Christian school girls were shown. In the same video a militant and a school girl were shown who sated that some of her school girls have already been killed as a result of military air blitz while about 40 of them have been given in marriage to Boko Haram militants.

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In the video, a masked man stated:

“We want to send this message first to the parents of these girls for them to know that these girls are still with us, some of them, and secondly they should tell the Federal Government of Nigeria, to with immediate effect, release our imprisoned brothers. Some of the girls, about 40 of them with God’s permission have been married, some of them have died as a result of bombing by the infidels.”

In April 2014, the militant group had seized more than 270 girls from their school in Chibok, which is in north-east Nigeria. Following the abduction, dozens of the girls managed to break away taking advantage of the commotion, however, still more than 200 abductees are missing.