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NIGERIA: No Christian can be certain that if they go to church, they will be alive to return home again


Christians in Nigeria

Nigerian Christians risking their lives to go to Church, despite severe threats from Boko Haram.

According to media reports, Christians in northern and central Nigeria are putting their lives in great risk and attend the church services. A severe danger looms since the initiation of deathly attacks by jihadist terrorist group Boko Haram specially targeting Christians.

It has been a long time, since they have been living in constant life-threatening situations. What is horrible that, “No Christian can be certain that if they go to church, they will be alive to return home again.”

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According to Jubilee Campaign a Christian human rights organization, attacks on Nigerian Christians have increased dramatically. Jubilee Campaign in its report to the U.N. Human Rights Council stated, “approximately 42% of all the attacks that occurred in the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the year 2014 were on Christian communities, while Muslim communities, the government, schools, media and medical personnel, and random civilians comprised approximately 6.8%, 10.9%, 4.1%, 0.5%, and 35.4% respectively.”

In keeping with the Jubilee Campaign’s 2015 U.N. report, “Attacks on churches killed hundreds and tens of thousands were displaced from their homes.” Moreover, further verifying the fact, the Institute on Religion and Democracy interacted with two Nigerian Christian leaders.

The Institute on Religion and Democracy withheld their names for the sake of their security, documented one of the Nigerian Reverend recalling a service of Holy Communion when his church was attacked by Islamists from a local mosque.

“I don’t like telling this story because it makes me cry,” he asserted, however added that he thought it was important to be shared. He went on to say that the Islamists had left their mosque and surrounded the church where they began stabbing and slashing at people with knives, and committing “all kinds of attacks.”