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Nigerian Christians Face Increasing Attcks From Militants: Govenrment Urged To Protect Its Citizens From Islamic Militants


Church leaders in Nigeria are urging their government to protect citizens in the central and northern regions after scores of Christians, including pastors, were killed by Islamic militants in the latest reported militant crackdown on Christianity.

Christians persecuted in Nigeria
Christians persecuted in Nigeria

This appeal came after a recent attack when Muslim Fulani assailants killed as many as 32 Christian villagers in three largely Christian communities, in Kaduna State.

Two pastors were among those killed by the militants just after midnight last month in Karshin Daji town, Christians said, while 15 other Christians were reportedly injured and 15 houses of Christians were burned down.

Pastor Ezra Ibrahim of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) was killed and Reverend Julius Jako of the ECWA was slain alongside his wife and daughter, told a Christian member of the ECWA congregation in Karshin Daji in published remarks.

Local Christians said Muslim Fulani assailants want to rid the area of Christian population and use the land to graze their cattle. Some 300 Christians are now known to have died as a result of attacks by these militants since June, a local Christian group stated.