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Nine Christians Detained By Police In Inner Mongolia


Nine Christians under arrest by local police, for rendering medical services in the rural areas of central Mongolia. Their medical equipments were confiscated by the police, while two of them put away to labor camp.

On 26th of July, six Christians reportedly, set out from the city of Tongliao in Inner Mongolia, for the rural parts of the autonomous area. The company held free medical camps at Jarud Banner, Tuquan County in Hinggan League, and the village of Shumugou, in Alide Sumu, in the Horqin Right Front Banner, where they evangelized among those who arrived for medical aid.They arrived at Zhongxinbu, in Shumugou Village, Horqin Right Front Banner, in the city of Ulanhot on 1st of August; where they provided medical services to the natives. As a result of being warned by a local resident to leave, they fled from the area being captured by the Domestic Security Protection agents of the Public Security Bureau, on their way and were detained subsequently, at the Horqin Right Front Banner police station. The police authorities informed their families a day after that they had been seized for engaging in illegal evangelism.

The families of the detainees were not provided with any formal written notifications of detention, except one. The police charged them for using cult activities to obstruct with law enforcement.

Those detained were Mr. Chen Hong, Ms. Sun Yuefen, Ms. Ren Zhimin, Mr. Yinhua, Mr. Liu Di, and Pan Wenwen.

Ms.Sun and Ms. Ren were later sentenced to labor camp on 1st Sep, while several others who got engaged in evangelism were detained.

Mr. Zhang Kai, a renowned Christian lawyer from Beijing, in collaboration with various local lawyers is jointly supervising the case. The six Christian detainees, Including Ms. Sun, have pleaded for a legal review of their case.