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Nine Year old Isis sex-slave battles death


A nine year old girl who was taken as a sex slave by Isis is reported to be pregnant. She was gang raped by 10 militants and as stated by an aid worker, is a member of the Yazidi Christian minority religious group, which faces persecution across Isis-held territory.

The girl was flown out of Iraq and is not under treatment at a medical charity camp in Germany. Other aid workers who have returned from the area say the girl is mentally and physically abused. She is suffering from trauma and it is feared that she might die giving birth.

The girl was sexually abused by no less than 10 militants and is reported to have been found in very bad shape. The militants were front line fighters or suicide bombers who are given girls in reward. The Yazidis, who are neither Muslims nor Arabs are considered infidels by IS militants.

They are hence held captive by the Islamic State militants. Isis released 216 Yazidis on Wednesday after eight months of captivity. This development was only seen when signs of a US led air strike became prominent and pressure increased. Another 40 children are among the newly released captives. The Kurdish town of Himera saw emotional scenes when the people were set free.