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No entry: Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia refuse to let migrants in


Refugees at Croatia border

Prime Minister of Croatia Zoran Milanovic signals a tougher approach to the migrant crisis which Europe is grappling with. He vowed that Croatia will not become a “hot spot”.

Just 48 hours after Croatia promised free passage to migrants, Milanovic said: “Croatia’s plan B is to not longer register and accommodate migrants.” Further more, he stated that it was time for Croatia to deal in another way with the migrant problem, as reported by Reuters. “Croatia cannot and will not accept this burden anymore,” he said.

On the other hand, Slovenia’s government will be calling a meeting of its security council to make a decision over its response to the crisis. Since Hungary has sealed off its borders and migrants detoured to Croatia. However, since Croatia is employing a tougher stance towards the migrants crisis, thousands are accepted to be diverted to Slovenia.

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It has been expected that thousands of migrants will struggle to cross into Slovenia on Friday, September 18 following an influx of more than 13,000 migrants entering neighbouring Croatia in just over two days. The destination seems to be Western Europe.

However, Slovenia has decided not to let migrants detoured from Croatia enter Slovenia. Slovenian police has seized hundreds of migrants who tried to enter Slovenia. Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar also ruled out chances of forming a corridor for the migrants.

Since the migrant crisis augmented round about 500,000 migrants have managed to sneak into Europe by crossing the Mediterranean this year. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has confirmed these figures. IOM confirmed that 473,887 migrants arrived to Europe by sea in 2015. About 40% of these migrants are from Syria. However, IOM facts reveal that o average eight people per day drowned during their journey through the Mediterranean channel this month.