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No entry into Europe: Migrants attack the police at the Greek-Macedonian border


Refugee crisis in Europe

Agitated migrants attack the police on Greek-Macedonian border; when denied entry into Europe.

According to details, on Saturday, November 28, the Muslim migrants launched an attack on the police pelting stones at them at the sight of fence building along the border. The Macedonian authorities had embarked upon erecting a fence on the border, as recently it was decided to grant entry to Syrian refugees while denying entry to Pakistanis Moroccan refugees and others.

The clashes resulted when the migrants got frustrated when denied entry into Europe. Though it was a brief clash but it was severe, Macedonian authorities said. Moreover, the Macedonian authorities had revealed that about 18 police personnel were injured.

Macedonia’s Interior Ministry said that most of the police men who got injured sustained minor injuries, however, two of them got severe injuries and were hospitalized in the close by town of Gevgelija. However no official record of injured migrants was aired.

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When the migrants started pelting stones at the Macedonian police, the police sprayed stun grenades and plastic bullets, at the migrants. On the other hand, Red Cross revealed that about 20 migrants suffering from head injuries and breathing problems were being treated by the Red Cross doctors.

In recent times, in excess of 600,000 refugees from the Middle Eastern countries like, Syria and Iraq along with migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa and other countries of Asia have managed to sneak into Europe via Greek border after making a life threatening voyage through sea this year so far.

The Greek Macedonian border is eyes as a favourite spot to gain entry into Europe. Majority of them continue on a long trail through the Balkans toward the favoured lands of central and northern Europe.

Previously, the Greek authorities had decided to allow only migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq through while migrants from other countries are being blocked. These migrants assembled at the Greek-Macedonian border say they will not go back as they are being stopped from going north.

The agitated migrants, previously, blocked rail traffic at the Macedonian border, while they were protesting against a verdict to only let Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis to cross from Greece onwards into Europe.