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No more refugees: Hungary urges EU to grant aid to countries neighbouring Syria so that they can take in refugees


Syrian refugees pouring in Europe

Hungary urges EU to provide aid to countries neighbouring Syria so that refugees can be dealt with in these neighbouring countries.

According to media reports, Viktor Orban-Prime Minister of Hungary has urged the European Union to grant considerable aid to countries which share borders with Syria. Hungary’s PM maintains that this would enable these counties to cope with the influx of refugees.

The Hungarian Premier maintained that about 3 billion euros ($3.4 billion) in aid should be handed to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan so that massive outpouring of Syrian refugees could be thwarted in Europe.

“If it takes more money, we will increase aid until the refugee flows dry up,” PM Orban told media. He stated that his proposal that every member of the European Union to pay 1% extra into the EU budget, would be presented at the next meeting of the bloc’s leaders.

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At the moment, Hungary is grappling with tremendous migrants who have travelled the so-called Balkan route from Greece via Serbia, many of them eyeing Austria and Germany as their final destination.Thus far, more than 170,000 migrants have managed to enter the borders of Hungary this year, and the United Nations expects additional 42,000 to pout in till next week.

In an interview with German media, the Hungarian PM threatened to dispatch these refugees back to where they came from; maintaining that “many had not come directly from war zones, but rather from camps in countries bordering Syria. They are not fleeing danger – they have already fled and should not fear for their lives.”

They come to Europe not “because they seek safety but because they want a better life than in a camp. They want a German life, perhaps a Swedish life,” he said.