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No Ray Of Hope For Two Christian Brothers Falsely Accused Of Blasphemy


Two Christian brothers accused of blasphemy

LAHORE: Two Christian brothers accused of committing blasphemy over alleged blasphemous online publication await justice.

According to reports, two Pakistani Christian brothers were arrested on charges of blasphemy. The two Christian respondents namely, Qaiser and Amoon were charged of blasphemy subsequent to a quarrel one of them had at his workplace.

In line with the history of this case, one of these brothers owned a website and was accused in 2012 of publishing insulting material on that website. However, an official police complaint was registered against both the brothers.

As stated by Qaiser, the website was deactivated much earlier in 2009, nevertheless one of his Muslim friend managed to reactivate the website and started managing it himself. Despite, his friend managing the website, the website officially remained Qaiser’s property.

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Qaiser recounted, that he had a quarrel in his office after which he began receiving death threats. Consequently, he had to flee and went in hiding. However, soon the situation became worse and both brothers had to leave Pakistan went to take refuge in Singapore for sometime. After remaining in Singapore, they fled to Thailand before returning to Pakistan in 2012. Upon his return, Qaisar was informed that a complaint of blasphemy was registered against him. Later, in 2014, police arrested both Qaiser and Amoon.

Clearly convinced that the blasphemy case was registered on false grounds, a Pakistani NGO CLAAS, “Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement”, is observing the case. To this point, attempts have been made for bail of both of these Christians but it has been not possible yet.